COSMOS MRO Brake Cleaner

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Size 500ml

Cosmos MRO Brake Cleaner is a fast-drying aerosol that provides a non-corrosive solution to most brake-related problems. This multipurpose formula works 2X faster in removing dust, oil, tar and grease. The high pressure spraying action allows for  convenient cleaning for most braking components.


  • Prevents squeaking sounds. 
  • Can be used at any angle (i.e. 360)
  • Leaves no residue. 
  • Removes excess brake fluid, dirt, oil, etc. quickly. 
  • Prevents clutch slipping and squeaking brakes.


  • Drum brakes. 
  • Disc brakes.
  • Brake linings.
  • Brake callipers.
  • Brake shoes.


Shake the can well. Attach the provided plastic applicator nozzle for precise application on in areas hard to reach. Spray the product onto the substrate surface and allow it 5 minutes to work. Use in short bursts until brake parts are coated completely. Continue until as necessary to allow contaminants to run off. Air dry or wipe with a clean cloth


  • Wear protective gloves, protective clothing, eye/face protection.
  • Always use in an open space in the open air.
  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Dispose the can in regulation to the government laws.