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Fast drying gloss paint in an easy to use can, specially formulated for brake calipers- suitable for all kinds of vehicles. Make your vehicle stand out from the crowd with the high gloss and scratch resistant Brake Caliper Paint in bold red. Provides high coverage and good corrosion resistance. 


  • Colour: Red
  • Super glossy finish
  • Specifically designed for brake, drum, caliper and rotor custom detailing
  • Highest quality caliper paint
  • Superior heat and chemical resistance
  • Low Odour
  • Flexible and non-cracking
  • Rust protection
  • Extremely easy to apply and recoat
  • Exceptional adhesion
  • High weather resistance and colour stability
  • Viscosity:18-25 sec
  • Density: 0.6-0.8 g/L
  • Drying time: Touch (20*C, Humidity<65%): 5-10 min, through dry (20*C, Humidity<65%): 1 Hour, Maximum hardness: 24 hours
  • Coverage:5m2/L
  • Made in Europe
  • 500ml


Specially designed for brakes, drums, calipers and rotors.



– Less overspray
– Extreme coverage
– Fast drying
– Hard chisel lines
– Even coating
– Suitably for effects
– Dual way spraying


Shake the container at least 3 minutes after you hear the mixing ball. Before the first use spray it in the air for 3-4 seconds to remove any condensed colour. After use turn the aerosol upside down and press the actuator for 2-3 seconds to clean the valve. If the nozzle is blocked, replace it with a new one. Use outdoors or in a well-ventilated area such as an open garage. Optimal application at temperature: 10-25°C and humidity below 65% to ensure proper drying. Storage 5-35°C.

  • Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free of grease
  • Wear protective gloves, protective clothing, eye/face protection
  • Always paint in an open space in the open air
  • The space should be as dust-free as possible
  • Protect the surrounding area from overspray. Before you are ready to prime, you need to protect your tire and valve stem from overspray. The easiest way to do this is with painter’s tape and newspaper or plastic or a stack of index cards
  • Start by taking all 4 wheels off the vehicle. Besides, you’ll get drips, runs and poor coverage if you try to paint your wheels while they are still mounted on the vehicle
  • First clean the wheels. Start with a spray of soap or a soap/degreaser mix. Spray on all surfaces of the wheel. Be sure to pay attention to the areas between the spokes. Use rags to clean all grease, grime and dirt from the wheel. Rinse thoroughly with water. Use rags to wipe dry and remove any residue
  • Remove Paint Chips and Rust. You can use a wire brush and elbow grease, a wire brush attached to a drill, or a wire brush attached to an angle grinder
  • After cleaning with the wire brush, sand the wheel
  • After sanding, go over entire wheel with steel wool until you have a smooth finish
  • Always spray with the can in a vertical position, otherwise the paint might 'spit' unevenly
  • Spray surface from a distance of 25-30cm
  • Paint first vertically and then horizontally
  • Immediately after applying your final coat, carefully remove the painter’s tape and index cards from the tire. Then, wait for the paint to dry to the touch before carefully removing the garbage bags
  • After use, clean the spray valve (turn the aerosol upside down and push the nozzle for about 5 seconds)